Puerto Vallarta Malecon (Boardwalk)

The Puerto Vallarta Malecon is one of the main attractions and most iconic for our destiny, central point that houses a wide variety of business and leisure attractions for all visitors.

Throughout its nearly two kilometers people like this long space to hike and appreciate the coast on one side and the town on the other.

On the beach side you can find sand sculptures, many of them very impressive in its details, the Papantla Flyers that make their number several times during the day so that nobody is left without seeing them every day.

Other attractions that you will find in your walk are the statues, some of them are human, each with something special to get your attention and have a photo as a souvenir.


Something that can not miss on a tour, especially if you do it at night, is that you can find typical snacks stands selling corn, chips, strawberries with cream, pancakes, tamales, atole, flavored natural water and more.

If you want something more formal you also have the option to choose from many restaurants or cafes for all tastes.

When you arrive at the arches area, you may have the chance to attend one of the many street artists doing a performance along the day.


Watch the sunset on the boardwalk is also one of the most common activities that many visitors take the opportunity to share a romantic moment with their significant other or just to take a picture of one of the most beautiful beach sunsets that you can capture in your visit.

At any time, at the end of the day you always find something to entertain the boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta is the ideal place to live with family.

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