Nesting and turtle release in Puerto Vallarta

Each year Banderas Bay receives hundreds of olive ridley turtles that arrive to nest at our beaches; because of this the authorities have been responsible for the implementation protection programs to take care of this and other species for a long time now.


The Olive Ridley turtle lays about 100 eggs at a 45 centimeters depth and its incubation period is 45 days depending on the sand temperature, which also determines the gender, warm temperatures will give females, while cold will give males.

Several hotels in the area are chosen to house their nesting and care. Friendly Vallarta was selected this year to protect more than 150 olive ridley nests, this represents a little more than 1,500 eggs that will be hatching during the first week of November.


To release the little turtles we invite our guests children to be part of this noble and tender action that will leave them a nice experience about caring nature.

Come and join us with at beautiful experience in Friendly Vallarta!

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