Saori Sugimura visits Puerto Vallarta to experience the Gourmet Festival

Saori Sugimura, specialized chef in Japanese food joined us last week during the first week of the International Gourmet Festival in Puerto Vallarta and we had the opportunity to talk with her about her experience in the festival, her career and other tastes.


She was born in the state of Morelos and her specialty is Japanese cuisine, a taste that she inherited thanks to her mother, since that was the type of food that was normally prepared at home as a child. Thanks to that she leaned more towards that type of food.

For more than 12 years she has been involved with cooking in a professional way.

«Since I was a child I always liked the kitchen, although at that time I was more into baking, because my parents did not let me eat candies and I made my own cakes from the age of 11 or 12.»

What she like most about the Japanese food are their processes, it is very detailed, although the basic ingredients people sees them as simple (rice, soy and its derivatives) but the way of using them gives a very different result, cooking time and when to add the seasoning or other ingredients is what makes the big difference in the flavors.


Saori Sugimura was in charge of training the staff who is going to be cooking the delicious dishes offered at one of the new restaurants within Friendly Vallarta, Akío Asian.

She is inspired by his cravings, when she finds something that catches her attention immediately begins to imagine how it would result the combinations of this and that, she usually does not use ingredients that she does not eat.

This was her first time in Puerto Vallarta in a gastronomic festival and she was given the opportunity to try the food in several restaurants with excellent proposals, highlighting the combination with local products, taking advantage of the sea and the mountains, so a lot of dishes can be done with fresh ingredients.

Being here she was able to know the raicilla (local liquor), the colados (coconut tamal), the raspadas (tostadas) and Puerto Vallarta has much to offer, both to eat and to cook.

Her experience in the festival was very pleasant.

“We offered something different to what La Leche usually gives to their customers, we had Japanese snacks at a gourmet level, traditional Japanese but with different touches and elements that took it out of the traditional.”

When she is not in the kitchen she likes to go out to eat, play sports (squash, football) drink a few beers and spend time with her children.

In your next vacation visit Akío Asian restaurant, inside Friendly Vallarta we are open from 1pm to 9 pm.

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