Poinsettia flower - Friendly Vallarta Beach Resort and Convention Center

When Christmas month arrives it brings a lot of the decorations with it, you can find them in different places with a lot of Christmas lights, ornaments and many Poinsettia flowers.


What is the origin of this flower?

The Mexicas called it Cuetlaxochitl, which means «flower that withers» in Nahuatl dialect. It was made known to the rest of the world during the colonial period, when the churches were adorned with it during the Christmas holidays.

It blooms in winter. In the northern hemisphere it blooms from November to February and it is essential that the plant does not receive light for 12 hours, approximately from October until Christmas to flower.

In Mexico the use of the Poinsettia flower is ancestral, it was used for religious, medicinal and utilitarian purposes so much before the arrival of the Spaniards, later they were themselves who began to associate the plant known today as Nochebuena (Poinsettia) flower of Christmas Eve to The celebrations and the Mexican population continued to adorn the births and churches with the flower of Christmas Eve; Hence its name of plant.

In the late 1990s it became the most cultivated and sold ornament plant in Mexico.

The Christmas night flower is native to Mexico, where more than 100 species are grown.

In the United States, it is known as Poinsettia, in honor of Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first US ambassador to Mexico, who was responsible for introducing it to his country in 1825. Since 1991, December 12, Poinsetia, commemorating the date of his death.

At Friendly Vallarta you can find it decorating and giving a very Christmas touch to different areas in the hotel.

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