Visiting La Cruz viewpoint in Puerto Vallarta, a must during your vacation

Lately it has become one of the most popular tourist spots in Puerto Vallarta where you can go with the whole family.


Thanks to the popularity acquired in the last year, the government invested in adapting a better access to this site so that people could climb more comfortably and enjoy the beautiful view of the bay.

Despite the improvements, people with disabilities or elderly may find it difficult to climb, as there are very steep parts. With a little help from family or friends this may be easier. In the last stretch you will see a stairway and a funicular (10 people capacity) to reach the very top of the hill.

The funicaluar has a cost, for the moment just a tip at your consideration for the operator.

Climbing to the top takes about 15 to 20 minutes depending on your walking pace and the effort gives the reward with a spectacular view of Puerto Vallarta and the bay. Dawn and sunsets are the favorite moments to take photos between locals and visitors.


Foto: Turismo Puerto Vallarta


We recommend bringing some refreshment, cravings and water because there is nothing on top and you may want to stay up a good time.

To get there you need to go through Morelos street until you reach Abasolo, then you turn lef and from there all the way up towards the hill.

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