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Puerto Vallarta is a tourist destination full of activities, beaches, events and many things to do. If you are wondering what to do in Puerto Vallarta? Take note of these activities

1- Visit the beaches

The beaches of Puerto Vallarta are very beautiful, when you are here don’t miss the opportunity to visit different beaches like: Colomitos, Yelapa, Las Animas or Boca de Tomatlán, all are emerald green unparalleled and suitable for swimming or to practice activities.

2- Boat Tours

The boat tours are already a classic activity in Puerto Vallarta, there are some like the Tour of the Marigalante or Pirate Ship,  Rhythms of the night or the Tour to Playa Escondida. In Puerto Vallarta’s port terminal you can find a great variety of tours, if you want to know more, you can request more information about costs, schedules or the different boat tours in Puerto Vallarta.

3- Review the event’s calendar

Because Puerto Vallarta is a very important tourist destination worldwide every day of the year there are events scheduled for the whole family, ages and different tastes. From sports competitions, musical and cultural presentations to specialized gastronomy events. When you visit Puerto Vallarta do not forget to check the agenda, there will be some scheduled event of your interest.

4- Local gastronomy

There is nothing richer than the cuisine of Puerto Vallarta, there is a very complete variety of typical dishes and drinks that love the visitors. From roasted fish and shrimp rods to the famous crazy pineapples. Take a tour of the center to get to know those delicacies prepared by locals that you will love.
You already have four activities to do in Puerto Vallarta, there are many more, so you always have something to do so do not worry. If you have any other you want to share leave it in comments for those who are looking for things to do in Puerto Vallarta.
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