5 Places you should visit if you go to Puerto Vallarta | Friendly Vallarta

In Puerto Vallarta there are many places that you can not miss the next time you visit us, and if you have already been to one of these places tell us in comments what you did and how you went.

1-Pier Los Muertos Beach

The dead beach pier has become one of the must see places for tourists, at night it is illuminated and it is possible to have a nice evening with sea view from it. To know it, you just have to get to Los Muertos beach and there you will see the pier, it is of a very large structure.

2-The Malecon

As you probably  know, Puerto Vallarta’s Malecón is one of the favorites, here it is always possible to walk, have a drink and enjoy the beautiful view no matter if it is day or night. You can not lose this!

3-The Eden

Eden is one of the largest rivers that flows into the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, became famous few years ago because it was here where they recorded the movie «Predator», in addition, it is possible to spend a lovely day in the restaurant or in your Case, swimming for a while, although the water is very cold.

El Eden Puerto Vallarta

4-Historic Center

The historical center of Puerto Vallarta has a picturesque quality that attracts those who visit the city, there are different points to know and especially to  purchases local handcraft.

5-Río Cuale Island and Market

Last but not least on the list, La Isla del Rio Cuale and its traditional market are a rustic and picturesque area of Puerto Vallarta, here the local artists exhibit their works of art and you can find almost anything traditional you are looking for, and have a nice walk.

Cuale River Puerto Vallarta

Do you know them all already? How many are you missing? Tell us about your experience and recommend us new places.

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