Tips for your trip to Puerto Vallarta - Friendly Vallarta All Inclusive

When you are traveling, it is always important to take certain recommendations, if you come to Puerto Vallarta consider the following:

1- Comfortable clothes and shoes

When you visit Vallarta you realize that there are a lot of places to know, even you have already come a couple of times, there are always places where to go. Puerto Vallarta is one of the few cities where it is more common to see people dressed casually than formal, there are always those who prefer to be in shorts and sandals, this for comfort. So you know, next time be comfortable as you can, and bring appropriate clothes to visit the clubs and bars of the city.

2-Sun blocker

Never forget the blocker, the temperature here is always to be enjoyed, but that does not remove that the rays of the sun are very strong. So use daily blocker, you do not want to have burns that limit and disturb your fun.

3- Choose the season that you like more

Although Puerto Vallarta is always full of tourists there are seasons where we receive more visitors, for example at Easter, summer holidays or winter holidays, if you want a quiet place do not choose these days. Consider also the rainy season (from June to September), it is beautiful to see the rain in front of the sea, but if you like more sun, do not consider these months.

These are three very basic recommendations but you can not pass,to enjoy the most of your vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

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