Puerto Vallarta is the safest city in Mexico - Friendly Vallarta All Inclusive

For years, Puerto Vallarta has earned the title of the friendliest city in the world, now, also shares the title of Mexico’s safest city.

Recently the data of a survey realized by INEGI a Mexican governmental organism has been made known, it declared that Puerto Vallarta is the safest city in which its inhabitants have a greater tranquility to live. This is not surprising, since “Vallartenses” have always been characterized by a relaxed lifestyle, always considering that we are a tourism visited by thousands of national and international visitors.

The nightlife of our city is an example of the security with which one lives in the streets of Puerto Vallarta, when leaving the nightclubs you can walk along the boardwalk and downtown. Local authorities are always alert to safeguard the peace and avoid any altercation.

If you have visited Puerto Vallarta you know what we are talking about, and if you still didn’t have the chance do not miss the opportunity to know this Port of beautiful landscapes and very friendly people.

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