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There are many water sports that can be practiced on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, one of the favorites of the locals and tourists is the Surf, and fortunately the beaches and the weather are in perfect conditions. We will tell you about some beaches.

Sayulita is becoming more popular not only for its beaches, but also for its magical little town and the events that are being programmed frequently. Sayulita has the perfect conditions and the kind of waves that every  surfer, here are even taught some surf classes for those who wish to learn this sport. If you do not have a car to get to Sayulita, you can take a truck in front of the Puerto Vallarta maritime terminal that will take you there.

Located in Punta de Mita, it has taken a lot of popularity among surfers and those just beginning in this sport, its crystal clear water and the perfection of its waves makes it attractive for young surfers.

This beach has access only by water, you must arrive in boat that you can take from the new seawall of mouth of tomatlán. Here the natural formation of the place also allows the creation of waves to surf, in addition it is a very safe place to do it.

If you were looking for surfing beaches in Puerto Vallarta and found three, tell us what you have found, if you know one or if you are about to visit another.


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