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If your intention is visit Puerto Vallarta, the Marietas Islands is a place that you must to go, is an obligation.

Is a group of Islands that were designated National Park and a Biosphere Reserve. A protect place where the tourist’s ingress is regulated for the Mexican government because is the home of an amount of migratory birds. This Marine Park protect 40 species of flora and fauna. In addition, there is one specie where only you can found in Marietas Islands and in Galapagos Islands: The Blue-Footed Booby bird.

During the 2nd World War, Mexican Government were practicing of bombarding in this Islands, and “thanks of that” were made up the famous Hidden Beach or the Love Beach. This is the principal attraction of the place, if you want to visit, you must swim in a rocky tunnel during 50 meters. To enter in this beach is required a previous reservation, considering that now only can enter 116 persons a day to preserve the environment.

The easier way to arrive in this archipelago is from Punta Mita, there leave a lot of boats and it’s only 8 km of distance.

The tours of Punta Mita are boats of 11 persons maximum where you go to observe all the corners and the variety of aquatic birds that the island has, rest and swim in Nopalera Beach, explore the many caves and enjoy the coral reef and the marine fauna variety doing snorkeling. The tour has a length of 3 hours and de price vary between 400 and 600 Mexican pesos (20-30 US Dollars) for person.

Also, there are bigger ships of 200 people that leave from Puerto Vallarta, has a length of 6 hours and include drinks and a meal, the price varies between 1500 and 2000 Mexican pesos (75-100 US dollars). In these bigger tours, you have the option to do kayak and paddle board too near the islands.

If your plan is come on December or on March and you need adrenaline, you will be lucky to be in the season of whale watching and the wild dolphins in their natural habitat, just only a few meters of your boat.

Therefore, you know, if you want to discover de real beauty of one of the most amazing places of the country, visit the Marietas Islands.

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