Gastronomy in Puerto Vallarta: Breakfast and Dining Places


Puerto Vallarta offers an incredible amount of dining options, from the simplest to the most gourmet, always showing an excellent quality. For everything there is always a choice, and opportunities to try different specialties of international cuisine are latent in your next visit to the port. The elements that stand out from the typical food in Puerto Vallarta are the fish and seafood creating delicious dishes such as ceviche, fish «envarasado» and shrimp aguachile; All this well accompanied by a refreshing tuba or tejuino. The renowned chefs even the locals have been able to take advantage of these ingredients so coveted by visitors, and not only because it is very rich, but because of the versatility it can be.

But not everything is seafood and fish in Puerto Vallarta, there are several places in the city that offer typical Mexican food to enjoy either a rich breakfast or a deserved dinner. Bistró coffees and restaurants that in their menus make us fall in love and give us wish a trip for the gastronomic discovery combined of an atmosphere in which you can talk, go in couple or with the family.

La Leche


And speaking of the reinterpretation of the culinary tradition, La Leche is an expert in that. Whoever visits Puerto Vallarta and does not dine at La Leche, that person really did not visit Vallarta. The place has a unique style, minimalist and forceful, the interior design proposes a monochromatic atmosphere where they look for the diners to awaken their senses when interacting with the dishes. Among the favorites of the place is «La Leche Duck» next to the traditional «Sopa de Nada», and certainly the favorite dessert that every visitor should try is the Chocomole: Brownie without flour + walnuts + popcorn ice cream = The Favorite of the house. La Leche has a variety of chef’s dishes, making each visit a gastronomic experience combining exquisiteness with the different.

La Leche is located in the Hotel North Zone, Boulevard Francisco Medina Ascencio, just a few steps from Friendly Vallarta Hotel.


Kubli’s Café Bistró

The best thing about Kubli’s is the unique synergy between the coffee and the dishes they offer in their extensive menu. Here you can find the unique flavor in your breakfast or enjoy a rich dinner and live music, always with an excellent service. In the mornings they offer 100% natural juices along with a variety of classic breakfasts, including traditional chilaquiles either red or green, and if you do not decide you can order the divorced chilaquiles and enjoy both sauces. But if you are one of the people looking for a lighter breakfast, the menu also offers fruit dishes, sweet bread and the always rich French bread. At night, the variety of dishes is a must-have and for all palates: Pastas, salads, cuts of meat, Mexican antojitos like Swiss enchiladas, traditional delis with a variety of breads and sweet crepes as salads. And for lovers of sweetness, the classic tiramisu will close your night perfectly. As a tip, ask your waiter to set aside a glass of tiramisu.

The location of Kubli’s Café Bistro is Francisco Villa 1320 Las Aralias.

The Pancake House

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If you are one of those who just have some delicious pancakes in the morning, The Pancake House is definitely for you. As its name says, it is the house of the pancakes, having in its menu a repertoire of different styles of them, from the classic dish accompanied by bacon to the full chocolate “Selva Negra” accompanied with pieces of fruit. In addition to the pancakes, the restaurant offers the typical Mexican dishes, including chilaquiles and any style of eggs.

This place is located in Basilio Badillo 289, Col. Emiliano Zapata, preferably arrive early so you do not have to wait for your table.

Pomelo Taller Gastronómico

What advantage does a gastronomic workshop have over other places? Precisely that, a gastronomic workshop is a place where they take the basics of the kitchen and reinvent it. They have refreshing smoothies and seasonal fruit, a great variety of craft beer and an immense creativity to reinvent coffee. Some days they project a movie, calling their event «Cinema under the tree» and almost every night they have trova live music with recognized local artists. Now imagine all the above while enjoying a delicious panini or an exquisite meat cut of your choice. Pomelo offers its guests experiences in each dish, from breakfast time to dinner time, not only in the gastronomic, but also in the cultural, because if you donate a book, in return they will give you a rich coffee.

Pomelo is located at Avenida Los Tules # 168, Local 4.

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