Magical Towns: San Sebastián and Mascota


A magical town is a locality with symbolic attributes, legends, stories, magic that emanate in each of its cultural manifestations, and today means a great opportunity for the tourist use. Near Puerto Vallarta, there are 4 magical towns that offer their magic to visitors. If you want to know more about Mexico, do not hesitate to visit the magical towns.

San Sebastián del Oeste

Of mining origin, this magic town is full of history in its streets, in its constructions and in every breath of wooded air. El Cerro de la Bufa, is a hill that frames the magnificent dusk of San Sebastián del Oeste.

The sunsets, contemplated from the main square of this town of Jalisco, are so beautiful that they take the breath away. One of the most attractive places of San Sebastián del Oeste is its cemetery, located in the west, on top of an ancient volcano. There are still some tombs elaborated in quarry of important people of the town. The most important church of the town is the one of San Sebastián Mártir, which constitutes an admirable construction of the nineteenth century. Two additional places to visit during a trip to San Sebastian del Oeste are El Fortín and El Mesón. The first is an excellent restaurant and the second an authentic architectural treasure dating from 1729. This beautiful building is considered as a national monument. To get there, just take the road to las Palmas, the village is located 60 kilometers from Puerto Vallarta.

Mascota: This town offers to the ecotourism and adventure fans a fascinating mountain circuit as well as several attractive sites around like Navidad and Juanacatlán. Recommended activities include trekking, rock climbing, boat rides, motorcycle and cycling. The culinary traditions of Mascota and its surroundings include delicacies such as rich coffee, homemade cookies, homemade sweets, canned fruit and raicilla. As far as cultural tourism is concerned, in every opportunity you have to visit the Magic Town of Mascota, you must visit the Museum of Archeology, with its four exhibition areas, where there are archeological pieces and hundreds of pieces of bone, ceramics and stone, and the Stone Museum El Pedregal, which is distinguished because everything is adorned with stones. The collection of this venue has objects of different sizes, such as chess, guitars, crafts, photographs and many other interesting objects. It also has a charming well of wishes. Lastly we have the archaeological site El Pantano, which is located in the lower part of a hill where a cemetery was discovered and objects dating from 800 BC. To get there, take the road to las Palmas, even beyond San Sebastián del Oeste. It is 103 kilometers from Puerto Vallarta.

The magical towns is an ideal way to know more about México and a very beautiful adventure that you can not miss.


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