Magical Towns: Talpa de Allende and Sayulita

As we mentioned in a previous note, a magical town is a locality with symbolic attributes, legends, stories, magic that emanate in each of its cultural manifestations. Near Puerto Vallarta there are 4 villages in total, previously we mention San Sebastián del Oeste and Mascota; Today we will write Talpa de Allende and Sayulita.

Talpa de Allende

Combination of nature and culture with several culinary options, architectural creations and many more attractions. This community has its traditions deeply rooted, where Our Lady of the Rosary of Talpa is venerated. Generally Talpa de Allende combines all the positive aspects that a top tourist destination should have. Varied gastronomy, with regional appetites, fresh seafood and succulent meat cuts. It is also recommended the Mirador del Cristo Rey, a beautiful sculpture that has two notable chapels and offers a spectacular panoramic. The Maple Forest is a natural treasure of Talpa, as it has 56 thousand hectares of magnificent tree species, as well as having an impressive biodiversity of great interest for ecotourism lovers. In addition, not far from this place is located the Petroglyphs Zone of Sacamecate, a place where they have been settled the beliefs and daily activities of the ancestral inhabitants of the region. This town is located 131 kilometers from Puerto Vallarta by the road to Las Palmas crossing Mascota.


A community with an attractive atmosphere and with a more accentuated tourist dynamic in relation to the previous towns. The fact that Sayulita has a greater popularity with respect to other destinations in the area, could be explained in part by its natural conditions, perfect for the enjoyment of surfing. It has an extensive beach, much admired by surfers coming from the Mexican, American, Canadian and European cities. Both in the day and at night the community vibrates by the enthusiasm of the visitors, happy to enjoy the many wonders of the Mexican Pacific in one place. While the sun shines with all its power in the clean sky, many visitors like to tan their skin on the beach; Others simply lie on the sand to gaze at the vast horizon of the sea; Couples like to take long walks on the beach, holding hands and enjoying the magnificent views and of course there are many surfers, measuring their skill with the table before the most challenging waves. Located in the tourist corridor of Riviera Nayarit, about 40 minutes from Puerto Vallarta, this magical town both day and night vibrates by the enthusiasm of visitors happy to enjoy the wonders of the Mexican Pacific.

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