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You have arrived to Puerto Vallarta, you have already settled at Hotel Friendly Vallarta and now you want to get to know the wonders of this great paradise. We will share with you places you should visit if you go to Puerto Vallarta:


The most visited, popular and typical place of Puerto Vallarta. The Malecón borders the ocean and gives you an endless number of experiences. Walk along the shore, watch the sea, enjoy a sunset, live the Vallarta tradition with the street performers and savor part of the gastronomy with the food stalls. These last ones you will find the classic «envarasado» fish, desserts brought directly from the towns near to Vallarta and the refreshing tejuino and tuba.

On the other side of the Malecón, there are innumerable branded shops, restaurants and bars and discos, creating options to buy clothes, souvenirs, lunch and dinner, and finally at night have fun, because here is the heart of the nightlife of the port . During the afternoons until night, in the amphitheater of the Malecón, you can enjoy various shows, music shows and theater.

Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe

One of the symbols of the city, if you practice religion or not, this church certainly you will not want to lose. Being the center of the faithful Catholics of the area and only a couple of blocks from the Malecon, the construction of the Church dates from the beginning of 1902, during the course of time has undergone both modifications and restorations maintaining several elements such as neoclassical, European Baroque and Renaissance. The original design indicated to be a tribute to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. The final result ended up being a beautiful point of reference in the sky of Puerto Vallarta.

Every December 12th is celebrated the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, where Puerto Vallarta realizes its traditional pilgrimage covering an avenue of the center of the city where the believers and tourists can participate or enjoy the classic stalls of food.

Romantic Zone

Also known as Old Vallarta , it is one of the most active areas of the city. The streets are narrower and there are shops, restaurants and coffees everywhere. Located to the south, crossing the Rio Cuale, either by the second section of the Malecon or by the cobbled streets of downtown, the romantic zone feels more like being in a smaller Mexican town. A few steps away, you can reach Playa de Los Muertos, a beach full of restaurants and perfect for fun, meeting people and taking photos at the new Pier Playa Los Muertos. The pier offers access to boats, water taxis to go north or south and like the beaches of Yelapa, Quimixto or simply activities related to fishing and the sea. The Romantic Zone offers restaurants with national and traditional cuisine and of course, there are places that serve typical Mexican food. The street of coffees in Old Vallarta offers multiple options to sit and enjoy this fascinating place.

The Eden

This place is an exotic and quite popular attraction located south of Puerto Vallarta up the beach of Mismaloya. Without a doubt, Eden is a spectacular place, full of fun and adventure located around a river and a lot of vegetation. What made the Eden popular? This site was used as a set for one of the most famous films by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Predator. At the beginning of the film, the characters arrive at Boca de Tomatlán’s beach and from there, the development of the film unfolds in Eden. Although only the shell of the helicopter that is used for the film remains, the photograph for the memory will always be the best next to the statue of the Predator.

Helped by the natural pools of the place and a small waterfall, this place is 100% familiar and if you are looking for an adrenaline rush, there is an excellent canopy tour with more than 3 kilometers of zipline over the river and through the Jungle.

San Pancho

This destination is located in the tourist corridor of Riviera Nayarit 40-50 minutes from Puerto Vallarta. San Francisco, is surrounded by jungle and hills, and certainly what is worth of this picturesque little town is the beach. Spectacular, wide, long and clear and very soft sand, San Pancho beach has a perfect surf for surfing. In addition, this typical Mexican town is very popular with expatriates from the United States and Canada mainly, also European and South American, thus giving a variety of local businesses such as art gallery, gourmet restaurants and stands of typical Mexican food. It is also an excellent place to enjoy varied activities such as whale watching, amateur and sport fishing, surfing and diving.

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