Vacations in Puerto Vallarta with Kids: What to visit?

You already planned your family trip. You have in hand the plane tickets and for the nervousness of enjoying your vacations soon, you have called in several occasions to confirm your reservation in Hotel Friendly Vallarta to ensure that everything is well at the moment of your arrival. Obviously, everything will go well and better than you imagined.

Puerto Vallarta is the perfect place to enjoy the best family vacations; however, many families have the misguided belief that the little ones in the family might get bored or just not enjoy themselves as the elders. This destination is ideal for both big and small!

Vallarta Zoo

This zoo will be very different from what other places actually offer. Here, what will make your children do not want to leave this animal sanctuary is that you can approach them and even feed and pet many of the animals of the zoo. Located on the road to Mismaloya, it is right in the middle of the mountain and near the river in a pleasant natural space for a fun and educational ride, because in each space assigned by species has an informational sign of animals. One of the biggest attractions of the place is the area of ​​the lion and tiger cubs, which at an extra cost you can take pictures and feed them.

There are several options to get there, if you come by car or have rented one is just take the road to Mismaloya and follow the signs. There is public transport which stops at the intersection of Basilio Badillo and Constitución with a sign that says Mismaloya.

Malecon of Puerto Vallarta

One of the most popular places in Puerto Vallarta, the Malecón will offer all families a unique experience. In addition to finding shops, restaurants to visit with the whole family, along the way you will find several sellers of balloons, tuba and tejuino ideal for refreshing the walk. Here, where children can entertain themselves with the interesting statues, use your imagination and make it fun!, they will be good photographs for lifetime. Halfway through, the little ones will be astonished by the courage of the “voladores de Papantla”, who conquer the sky with their ritual to the gods and its famous flight. Walking a little further, almost reaching the amphitheater, here you will find many street artists, sellers of cotton candy and toys. In the amphitheater, whatever the day, there will always be music, theater, the best known show and funny is the duet Compañía Pata de Perro.

Naval Historical Museum

Because knowledge is power and museums are very entertaining and educational, Puerto Vallarta has a Naval Historical Museum right next to the Malecon Amphitheater. Formerly this colonial-style building, it was the Puerto captain’s office in 1974, then a naval hospital and later the headquarters of the local Naval Command. In 2001 it was chosen to become the naval museum number 4 of all Mexico, existing two in Mexico City and one in Veracruz. The museum has as an exhibition paintings, documents, maps, scale models, photographs, navigational instruments, uniforms and more. There is an area with temporary exhibitions of local, national and international artists can exhibit their works. And after finishing the tour of the museum you can go up to the cafe on the 2nd floor of this, which besides offering rich dishes, has a beautiful view of the bay.

Dolphinarium Dolphin Adventure

Located in Nuevo Vallarta, this dolphinarium is one of the few where you can experience a personal encounter with these creatures. This place is 100% adapted so that the marine species protected here have a very good quality of life. The dolphinarium offers an ideal experience to meet these wonderful creatures, the interaction with them will leave an unforgettable impression. The little ones, even the big ones, will be able to live an adventure with the dolphins that are worthy to remember the whole life and make the holidays even more unforgettable. If you are interested in this adventure, talk to your nearest Vallarta Adventures agent.

Enjoy the best family vacations and do not worry about your little ones!

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