Puerto Vallarta Dining Guide

Puerto Vallarta Dining Guide

We know that coming to Puerto Vallarta to the All Inclusive Hotel Friendly Vallarta, there is no need to leave even the hotel itself, as that is the purpose of an all inclusive; however, Puerto Vallarta offers so much, so that you pack your best pair of sneakers and walk around the city, or why not, pack casual clothes and go out to eat or dine. Being a tourist port, there is a variety of restaurants to eat, but we have chosen the ones that will leave a mark and you will know that returning to Puerto Vallarta will continue to be delicious. We have prepared Puerto Vallarta Dining Guide:

La Leche

La Leche: Chocomole

La Leche is located in the Hotel Zone North, Boulevard Francisco Medina Ascencio, just a few steps from Friendly Vallarta Hotel. The proposal of its cuisine is a reinterpretation of the traditional cuisine surrounded in a minimalist atmosphere, a unique and forceful style where each diner seeks to awaken their senses when interacting with the dishes.

With a selection of chef’s special dishes, La Leche makes the most of local produce to reinvent its menu every day. Among the favorites of the place is «La Leche Duck» next to the traditional «Sopa de Nada», and certainly the favorite dessert that every visitor should try is the Chocomole: Brownie without flour + walnuts + popcorn ice cream = The Favorite of the house.

La Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita: Pizza Horno

Traditional Italian Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, an Italian experience from the reception to every dish that touches your table. There are two sucursals in the bay, one in Nuevo Vallarta and the other on the beautiful Malecón of Puerto Vallarta, La Dolce Vita is among the best Italian restaurants in the zone. Always using fresh and homemade ingredients, each dish demonstrates its quality and an Italian flavor from its entrances, such as the exquisite salmon carpaccio, to its very delicious desserts such as the classic tiramisu. If you are looking for something classic Italian, La Dolce Vita has a great variety of pizzas baked to the wood with you can accompany with any wine you can imagine, because the place has a wine cellar worthy of praise.

Tapas Barcelona

Tapas Barcelona

With a life history behind this restaurant and its founder Chef William Carballo, 18 years in business, Tapas Barcelona is located just a few blocks from the Malecón of Puerto Vallarta, Tapas Barcelona offers a spectacular view of the bay which accompanied with delicious food, music and wine, will make your dinner a unique experience.

Specialized in Spanish dishes and with a very particular and homey style, the concept offered by the place is ordering tapas, in other words it is a matter of ordering dishes at the center so that you can share with family, with friends or with the couple, from two to three tapas per person and a whole culinary adventure to enjoy.

8 Tostadas

8 Tostadas: Estadio

When thinking about Puerto Vallarta you also think about beach, sea and surely the seafood is what you could most wish being on the coast. For Ocho Tostadas is the classic seafood restaurant that, when asking anyone for some recommendation to enjoy dishes full of seafood, fish and a lot of creativity, is the first place on the list that they always mention.

There are several sucursals throughout the Banderas Bay, all have a great service, quality and freshness in each ingredient used. The most wanted dishes in Ocho Tostadas are the classic ceviche, either shrimp or fish, and aguachile. They also have cocktail of any seafood or why not, a campechana; do not be surprised when you order the cocktail ask you if you want it hot or cold, either of them are very rich, so dare to venture into their vast menu.

Café des Artistes

Mexican-inspired French cuisine and following a gourmet tradition with more than 25 years in Puerto Vallarta, Chef Thierry Blouet offers exclusivity, elegance and comfort of its multiple gourmet environments that distinguish Café des Artistes.

To maintain a constant culinary innovation, Café des Artistes conjugates flavors of Mexico with a complex technique of high cuisine and thus create a menu worthy of tasting at each visit to Puerto Vallarta. In addition they have authentic Mexican wine coming from the regions of Valle de Guadalupe and Valle de Parras. Café des Artistes is located in an old house in downtown Puerto Vallarta, 3 blocks from the Malecón between Leona Vicario and Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez streets.

Mariscos Tinos

Puerto Vallarta Dining Guide: Mariscos Tino

Auto Named as the Cathedral of the Seafood, this restaurant has kept its doors open since 1990 and since its opening the famous pescado zarandeado became the emblem and specialty of the house; do not hesitate to try this delicious dish! Without doubt, it is something that you will not want to miss on your visit to Puerto Vallarta.

Using only fresh ingredients, Mariscos Tinos has managed not only to maintain but to perfect its flavor for 20 years, «From the ocean to your table» is its motto and they have fulfilled it during all this time from its beginnings to today.

They have three sucursal throughout the bay, one in Punta de Mita, the second in Nuevo Vallarta and its main branch at the beginning of the Puerto Vallarta‘s Malecón.


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