Things to do in Puerto Vallarta at Day

Things to do in Puerto Vallarta at Day

Things to do in Puerto Vallarta at Day
Your visit to Puerto Vallarta offers countless options of what to do. So if you are not one of those who likes to lie down on a bum with a margarita on the side, here we leave you a list of things to do in Puerto Vallarta at day.

Isle of the Cuale River

Isla del Río Cuale

The Cuale River is a river of Mexico that borns in the Sierra del Cuale and flows into the Mexican Pacific, just dividing the city of Puerto Vallarta leaving the area called downtown by the north and Romantic Zone south of the river.

The island of the Cuale River, since its discovery in 1926, has been transformed into what it is today. The island offers culture with the Cuale Archaeological Museum and cultural center, there are also commercial areas with handicraft shops, silver, pottery, and restaurants. By walking you will find several sculptures, among them the homage to John Huston, who’s film «The Night of the Iguana» removed of the anonymity to Puerto Vallarta.

To access the island, it can be achieved by the vehicular bridges or the famous hanging bridges unique to pedestrians. In 2012 was inaugurated the pedestrian bridge that connects Cuauhtémoc Street with the Gringo Gulch, a staircase that is certainly worth seeing.

Municipal market

Mercado Municipal

In the center of Puerto Vallarta, right on the edge of the Cuale River, is the Municipal Market. With 30 years of existence and two levels and 159 locations, if you like to haggle, this is the place to do it. The first floor is dedicated to the sale of handicrafts mainly, however, you will also find typical clothing, regional sweets, jewelry, toys for the kids and the classic souvenirs to give to your friends and boast of your visit to the port.

Going up to the second floor, you will find a delicacy along with a variety of flavors and dishes typical of Mexican cuisine. Their prices are not high and among the favorite dishes of the place are roasted onions, mole and chiles rellenos and, which will never be lacking in Puerto Vallarta, seafood and fish, and to accompany the delight, fresh seasonal waters.


Playa Caballo

Going to the beach is something that you definitely have to do when visiting Puerto Vallarta, the advantage that Banderas Bay offers, is that there are lots of beaches to choose to swim, whether for its sand, access or activities that can be done in them.

Just in front of Puerto Vallarta’s Malecón, Playa Dorada with easy access and perfect for recreational swimmers who only want to sunbathe or just walk along the beach while visiting the city center. To the south of the city, Mismaloya offers a stage with fine sand and regular waves with a deep green sea. Perfect for both water activities and areas such as diving and parachuting. Boca de Tomatlán, especially in the rainy season, is when the water of the lagoon joins with the sea water, creates a beautiful barrier that both ecosystems coexist before the eyes of the tourists.

Further north, in the state of Nayarit, you should not miss the beaches of Bucerías, Sayulita and San Pancho, offering waters for water activities such as diving, surfing and kayaking.


Canopy River

Canopy tours in Puerto Vallarta offer a unique, ecological experience without equal. You can hang yourself from a network of cables that cross the entire tropical jungle and feel that you float among the treetops and other breathtaking landscapes. Visitors are equipped with harnesses tied to safety cables at all times while on the heights.

Canopy tours have become popular and have become a tourist attraction in the port.

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