Golf Courses in Puerto Vallarta

Golf Courses in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has become a very popular destination for golfers, offering beautiful scenarios for the practice of this sport. Jack Nicklaus, Tom Weiskopf, Robert Von Hagge, Joe Finger, among other golf course designers, have left their mark and challenges ready for golf fans who love to visit Puerto Vallarta.

El Nayar Golf Course

Golf Courses in Puerto Vallarta - El Nayar

Recently renovated by Nicklaus Design and originally designed by Jim Lipe, the course also offers a total of 6000 yards, wide fairways that allow errors, numerous water courses and bunkers that will challenge the golfer not to fall into their traps, a breathtaking view of flora of the region, lakes and mountains. This 18 hole par 70 course offers optimal conditions for any golfer. With strong and constant currents of air will deceive even the most experienced player. Located in Nuevo Vallarta development r, not more than 15 minutes from the airport.

El Tigre Golf Course

Golf Courses in Puerto Vallarta - El Tigre

The most recent golf course in Bahía de Banderas, designed by Robert Von Hagge, Smelek and Baril accepted the challenge and designed the area’s most visited golf course with a total of 7,239 yards. It has nine bodies of water, 18 holes par 72 and a difficulty that increases in the evenings due to the wind of the Bay. It is located in Nuevo Vallarta and the experience starts from its memorable entrance, where a stone arch simulating a Mayan temple and a bengal tiger in its habitat will receive them to start the game.

Flamingos Golf

Golf Courses in Puerto Vallarta - Flamingos Golf

This golf course is the oldest in the bay but one of the most important in the region; has 18 holes par 72 and is located just minutes from Nuevo Vallarta. Throughout the course, you can enjoy its flora and fauna in a fascinating terrain set up for international championships.

The design was carried out by Percy Clifford, has nine water obstacles and 43 sand traps.

Litibú Golf Club

Golf Courses in Puerto Vallarta - Litibú

This golf course perfectly combines the flora of the region with its modern design by Greg Morgan and its 18 holes, of which 7 holes are Links, 8 holes are found within the jungle ecosystem and 2 more «Signature» holes are located near the beach of Punta de Mita. This golf course presents a constant challenge with 130 sand traps and presents an impeccable balance between aesthetics and the environment. With an age of 5 years, it is one of the most attractive in the region.

Marina Vallarta Golf Club

Golf Courses in Puerto Vallarta - Marina Vallarta

One of the most exclusive courses in Vallarta and designed by Joe Finger, it is located in the exclusive area of ​​Marina Vallarta, within a walking distance of the most important points of the city, the Malecon and the Airport.

This 18-hole course is considered a mature course, counting with 25 years old. Characterized by a tropical atmosphere, combining exotic animals and beautiful views of the Sierra Madre and holes along the seashore, the golfing experience changes considerably the time of day in which to play.

Vista Vallarta Weiskopf

Golf Courses in Puerto Vallarta - Vista Vallarta Weiskopf

Located in the lower part of Vista Vallarta, this 18 hole par 72 course is one of the most spectacular golf courses in Puerto Vallarta and considered one of the top 10 golf courses in Mexico and published in «Best Golf Guide to Mexican Rivera «. Designed by acclaimed Tom Weiskopf, it is built on an extreme terrain of wildlife and curved streams, offering a real challenge to more experienced golfers.

This golf course is perfect for enjoying a beautiful view and golfing.

Vista Vallarta Nicklaus

Golf Courses in Puerto Vallarta - Vista Vallarta Nicklaus

Located in the highest part of the Vista Vallarta golf resort, this golf course offers a beautiful view of the entire Bay of Banderas, with green meadows, huge trees and natural rivers complementing the beautiful design made by Jack Nicklaus.

Considered by many local golfers and experts as the best in Puerto Vallarta and among the top 10 golf courses in Mexico for its difficulty and pleasant atmosphere, its wide fairways invite you to play this sport and forget the stress.

Pacific Golf Course

Golf Courses in Puerto Vallarta - Pacifico

One of the best golf courses in Mexico and considered the best in the country by the readers of Condé Nast, this golf course is so exclusive that it needed to be in the unique and original community of Punta de Mita in Riviera Nayarit. With 200 acres overlooking the sea and designed by Jack Nicklaus, it is characterized by being challenging for the experienced golfer and very enjoyable for any beginner.

Bahia Golf Course

Golf Courses in Puerto Vallarta - Bahia

Located in the same community as its sister field, Pacific Golf Course, the design was carried out by Jack Nicklaus in 2009. Its natural beauty makes it one of the most beautiful golf courses in the country, as the pleasure of playing golf here, lies in the beautiful view of the exotic beauty of the region.


Another of its iconic holes, the 2, is located just a few steps from El Faro, the renowned place in Punta de Mita for surfing.

Las Huertas Golf Course

Golf Courses in Puerto Vallarta - Las Huertas SP

Located in the fishing community of San Pancho, Nayarit, the main feature of this picturesque golf course is that it is built amid gardens with flora, such as mangoes, grapefruits, tamarinds and guanabana, presenting this as a challenge for the golfer.

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