Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta: Nightclubs, Bars and Cafes to visit

Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta: Nightclubs, Bars and Cafes to visit

Puerto Vallarta is one of the places with more party and atmosphere of all Mexico and is adapted to all types of public of different tastes and preferences. The nightlife in Puerto Vallarta is very varied, from clubs and bars to enjoy something more quiet like a coffee or a simple walk. Below you will find the best clubs, bars and cafes to visit on your next visit to Puerto Vallarta.


The famous Malecon is the hub of nightlife in Puerto Vallarta as it is here that you can find a great name for bars and discos with great success. Walking along this wonderful promenade you can see and hear the atmosphere of the nightclub that you like or call your attention.


Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta: Mandala

Mandala is synonymous with first class party. Its open spaces and exquisite decoration make it the perfect place for you to change the rules and the night is yours. A Mandala party will always be a good idea.

Señor Frog’s

Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta: Señor Frogs

If you’ve ever been to Señor Frog’s in any other part of the world, then the philosophy in Puerto Vallarta is the same: Have fun, let go and unleash the party.

La Santa

Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta: La Santa

Located near the Hotel Friendly Vallarta, La Santa will envelop you in its excellent atmosphere and thanks to its high technology in lights, music and video, you will enjoy to the maximum your visit to Puerto Vallarta.


The Bodeguita Del Medio

Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta: La B de M

The best Cuban-style experience you can find on the Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon. Not only gastronomic and classic mojitos, but you can find the place to listen to a good son, smoke cigars, chat and dance.

Black and Red Bar

Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta: Black and Red Bar

A must visit if you are traveling with friends, because Black and Red Bar is made by friends for friends and a good distance from the hotel Friendly Vallarta. A bar with a unique atmosphere with a variety of beers both national, international and crafted, and rock music from the 80’s and 90’s plus live music during the weekends.

De Santos

Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta: De Santos

Located in the new Plaza La Isla, a few steps from Friendly Vallarta, De Santos is the perfect combination between going to taste and being with friends.


Moli Café

Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta: Moli Cafe

It is a specialty space in the cafe. National and foreign grains in all their drinks will delight palates of all tastes just a few steps from Friendly Vallarta in the Food Park PV.

Café Madero

Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta: Café Madero

A new cafeteria concept located in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta. Café Madero has a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for a different afternoon and a scape away from the amenities of the hotel, an afternoon with your partner or with yourself, this is the place to do it.

Café San Angel

Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta: Café San Ángel

If you are walking through the Romantic Zone, have a treat and go to Café San Angel. A cozy place where gastronomically delicious. It is the perfect place to share an evening snack, dine or just chat or spend with a delicious coffee.


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