Shopping in Puerto Vallarta

Shopping in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a very versatile city. Depending on your reasons for visiting the port, the city will surprise you with every step you take. It is important, after the adventures that you live throughout your vacations, there will always be time to go shopping in Puerto Vallarta.

Municipal Market of the Cuale River

Shopping in Puerto Vallarta - Mercado Municipal

With 30 years of existence and two levels and 159 locations, if you like to haggle, this is the place to do it. The first floor is dedicated to the sale of crafts mainly, however, you will also find typical clothes, regional sweets, jewelry, toys for the little ones and the classic souvenirs to give to your neighbors and boast of your visit to the port.

Galerías Vallarta Shopping Mall

Shopping in Puerto Vallarta - Galerías Vallarta

The best place to spend great moments with your family. It offers a whole world of entertainment for all ages and an atmosphere with its own charm, as well as having the most current brands. Located just in front of the maritime terminal, a square full of shops of all kinds, a varied area of ​​food and restaurants, a cinema and a beautiful view of the terminal.

Plaza Neptuno

Shopping in Puerto Vallarta - Plaza Neptuno

Located right next to the statue of the whale, this mall is guarded by another large statue: Neptune, forming part of the great collection of sculptures in the city. Over the years and thanks to the development of the commercial environment of the area, Plaza Neptuno has been incorporated into an area of ​​restaurants, bars, pastry shops, coffee shops and ice cream parlors that have given life and popularity to Popa Street.

La isla

Shopping in Puerto Vallarta - La Isla Vallarta

The new plaza in Puerto Vallarta, which includes a river and a wide open environment, with boutiques of luxury brands, jewelry stores, restaurants, children’s entertainment and even a VIP cinema.

Craft Market Pueblo Viejo

Shopping in Puerto Vallarta - Mercado de artesanía Pueblo Viejo

The Handicraft Market Pueblo Viejo is two blocks from the municipal market towards the Malecón, upon arrival you will see a few steps that when you climb them, will take you to an artisan paradise, where you will discover the wonderful creations made by Vallarta. The most desired objects in this place are the crafts made with blown glass, as well as silver crafts and clothing, such as sarapes and typical designs, the best of all of which have their own artists who exhibit their works in the various galleries, where they also You can buy some copies.

Cultural Tianguis The Old Town Farmers Market

It is a combination between the old Mexican tianguis with the American style market. More than 80 booths with totally handmade products. There is also live music and the aromas of freshly baked bread, organic coffee and so on, make this market more enjoyable.

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