Bird Watching in Puerto Vallarta: World of sounds and colors

Bird Watching in Puerto Vallarta-PV-EN

Bird watching in Puerto Vallarta, is a hobby more developed as leisure, and is based on the art of recognizing the different species of birds for their plumage or song. Many are limited to creating lists that show the number of birds that attend a particular area; others keep the list of all the species they saw in their lives. Everyone can go in and adapt this hobby in their own way. Some are content simply to enjoy and enrich more the walks in a natural environment, while others are fascinated in the scientific part that involves the study of birds, ornithology.

Bird Watching in Puerto VallartaThe observation of birds in Puerto Vallarta is a great experience due to a large number of ecosystems that make up the destination, because even in a small area you can find a wide variety of species.

Here in Puerto Vallarta, there are about 350 species in the area, including aquatic, terrestrial and migratory birds. The latter, do not prevent the observation is exclusively seasonal, since locally there are species that can be observed throughout the year.

Bird Watching in Puerto Vallarta - chara verdeOf the species most seen in the area is the beautiful Chara de San Blas (Cyanocorax yncas), a species that measures 26.5 cm to 30.5 cm, is the only Green Chara in Mexico; the Mexican Cacique (Cacicus melanicterus), a thin black-and-yellow-crested bird with a white or sometimes pale green beak, and a bright yellow patch on the wing, rump and much of its tail. Another very peculiar bird is the Masked Woodpecker (Melanerpes chrysogenys), with a straight and very strong beak that they use as if it were a chisel to perforate trunks with strong blows and extract their food.

One of the busiest places for bird watching is the Los Arcos National Park, in front of it you can see the beautiful white herons, pelicans, gulls, and frigates. Also in the mountains, it is possible to find parrots, which are threatened with extinction due to the destruction of their habitat and the illegal trafficking of the species. In the city, Mexican Zanate and hummingbirds can be observed, among others.

Bird watching is a morning activity and the best hours are from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The coolest moment of the day is when the sun is slowly rising. As our suggestion, it is essential to wear shoes and comfortable clothes, water, binoculars, camera, sunscreen and rest very well the day before.

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