Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta: A destination that will surprise you

Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta: A destination that will surprise you

After months of waiting and planning to make the perfect day, many days of stress and nights without sleep, this is the moment when the two of you are ready for the effort made and go to the Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta that both of you deserve.

The honeymoon is a trip like a conventional one, but this one is a very special and unique journey in life, where newlyweds seek to live unforgettable stories together.

Puerto Vallarta is the ideal destination for the perfect honeymoon, because in addition to love and happiness are enough to make the perfect trip, the number of experiences that the city offers to lovers is endless.

Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta

If this is the first time you visit the city, do not miss the opportunity to be strangers in a totally new place, take your place in Puerto Vallarta, delight your palates with new flavors, enjoy every aroma you discover and above all, don’t ever lose your sense of wonder! Take a minute and walk around the city. Puerto Vallarta has many places to visit, starting with the iconic Malecón and the very famous Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Parish.

To begin, feel like you are in a movie. You are with the love of your life and have just joined your lives, so take a turn to romanticism, because Puerto Vallarta is full of them. Take your time and appreciate the legendary sunsets of Puerto Vallarta, take a long walk along the beach and contemplate the romantic sunsets of the bay, take advantage of the moment as the sun hides giving away the last rays. Enjoy the atmosphere for the simple, contemplate the moon and the sea together, lie down in a hammock and see the sun hide, dine on the beach and enjoy those unique orange colors of Vallarta. The point here is to enjoy the small details together and make that moment unique and special, and let yourself be carried out!


Maybe you are an extreme couple and like adrenaline? Perfect! Not a fan? Feel the adrenaline of playing sports such as kayaking or surfing, even pull the very famous zip lines and feel that you are flying over the Vallarta’s forest. This type of activities as a couple, gives the funny touch to the honeymoon printing actions and laughs on your trip. It does’nt matter if you visit the beach, the river, the mountain of the city, a free adventure as newlyweds is just what they need to make a magical experience.

Freeze the moment! Take many pictures and videos, you do not need to be professional photographers to record doing funny things. Take a photo on each trip you go, on each dinner you are sharing, on each sunset you are watching, on top of the surfboard, under the waves of the sea, treasure the moment, but if you have a couple of extra seconds, freeze it for always. The photograph sessions of lovers are also a popular thing to do, what a better idea to let a professional lense take photographs with the love of your life watching the majestic sunsets. In these honeymoon trips, «Trash the Dress» would be worth doing, what better scenario of Puerto Vallarta for this fun session where romance and laughter are assured?

No matter what you decide to do to enjoy your Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, do whatever you want to do as long as you remember that you are together, in love and do not forget to make small unforgettable moments.

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