Clean Beach Certification for The All Inclusive Hotel, Friendly Vallarta


Clean Beach Certification

The holiday period has begun and hundreds of families are already planning or already enjoying their vacation in some of the main beaches of the country to spend time, having fun, resting or living an adventure with their loved ones; however, only some beaches in Mexico can hold some quality certification on their beaches, as Friendly Vallarta has achieved this year.

In 2003, the Clean Beach program was created to help maintain economic development around the coastlines of Mexico, while conserving or improving water conditions in the seas. The National Clean Beaches Council is made up of the Secretaries of the Navy, Tourism, Health, Social Development and the Environment and Natural Resources, the National Water Commission, Fonatur and the governments of the coastal states and municipalities.

Clean Beach CertificationThe certificate is granted for having complied with the standard NMX-AA-120-SCFI-2006, which establishes the requirements and sustainability specifications for beaches in Level I, for recreational use and conservation of flora and fauna. For this certification, solid waste collection, verification of water quality, coastal infrastructure, biodiversity, security, services, environmental education and initiatives and environmental management contributions are taken into account.


Pacheli Cadena General, Manager of Friendly Vallarta, in the presence of Cap. Mar. Roberto López Aispuro Port Captain and the Municipal President, Engineer Arturo Dávalos Peña, received this certification for the beach that Friendly Vallarta proudly managed to meet the requirements for a sustainable beach.

During the two years of effectiveness, a surveillance audit will be carried out. In addition to the certificate and as proof, a flag with the certification number, the name of the beach, the duration of the certification and the level of certification is delivered. Having said that, all of Friendly Vallarta has come together to achieve this goal, forming cleaning committees and groups to keep our beaches free of garbage and other polluting agents; offering a better beach for our guests and contributing to the coastal ecosystems conserving the richness of their species, the shelter of nutrients and their habitat.

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