Puerto Vallarta: A place full of experiences, an unique adventure

Puerto Vallarta: A place full of experiences

Traveling is, without a doubt, a unique and rewarding adventure, but when on the journey the beauty of a place and the indescribable wonders that nature offers us converge into something magical, the experience becomes simply fascinating.

Puerto Vallarta is a place full of experiences, colonial but full of tradition, magic and attractions, with endless experiences to discover every step of the way.

Every day there will always be something new to do, leaving a very pleasant memory and a heart full of desire to return to his second home.

To start, wherever you come, nowhere will you have a warm welcome like when you arrive in this paradise. All year round the climate in Puerto Vallarta averages 25° – 35° C, even in winter, making this destination perfect to escape the freezing temperatures of the north. Upon arriving at Friendly Vallarta Hotel you will receive a warm welcome, where we will make you feel at home, your second home in a small piece of this great Eden.

Day by day you can live for yourself a great variety of experiences, whatever the reason you have decided to visit Puerto Vallarta. Sports fan? For either to venture to the golf courses or ride aboard and master the waves of each beach in the bay, the list of sports to practice is huge adding more passions to your list.

On the other hand, the city offers many options to promote ecotourism, a new experience to traditional holidays; since the beginning of Puerto Vallarta, it has been a place with direct contact with nature, the bay and its mountains. Visitors can choose from a wide variety of tours, from hiking and hiking to zip-lining and off-road vehicle tours.

On the delicious side, the city also offers an incredible number of dining options, from the simplest to the most gourmet, always showing excellent quality in every bite. For everything there is taste, and the opportunities to try different specialties of international cuisine are latent in your next visit to the port. The most outstanding elements of the typical food in Puerto Vallarta, are the fish and seafood, creating delicious dishes such as ceviche, fish «envarasado» and aguachile of shrimp; all this well accompanied by a refreshing tuba or tejuino.

The night experiences are not left out, since the famous Malecon is the nucleus of nightlife in Puerto Vallarta. This is where you can find a great name for bars and clubs with great success. Walking along this marvelous Malecón you can see and hear the atmosphere of the disco you like or call you more attention. Mandala, Señor Frog’s, Sky, La Vaquita and Zoo are the most popular clubs in this area.

Plan your next vacation to Puerto Vallarta and dare to discover every wonder that the friendliest city offers!

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