4 unique places to visit near Puerto Vallarta | Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive

Alternative places to visit in Puerto Vallarta

We share you another unique spots to visit near Puerto Vallarta.


1. Vallarta Botanical Gardens

Image credits: https://vallartalifestyles.com/peace-garden-botanical-gardens

The Botanical Garden Vallarta, is located in Cabo Corrientes city (Jalisco), approximately 40 minutes from Puerto Vallarta to south direction. It is a natural park with botanical collections of more than 3,000 species, and an orchid nursery of 100 different species. This ecological paradise seeks to promote ecotourism, without a doubt it is a great experience for a family outing, as a couple or simply one with nature. The Vallarta Botanical Garden offers different activities thought the year; like bird watching and photography workshops of their flowers.


2. “Los Arcos” Marine park

Image credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/andrewmilligansumo/26882258189/

It is a protected area in the south of Banderas Bay. You can practice water activities while enjoying nature; explore a group of islands, and go through some giant rocks, which natural shape is an arch, on a boat or paddle board. Discover its tunnels and natural caves. This wonderful place is protected because several marine birds breed here, some of the important species are the bobo birds, some species of parakeets, pelicans and others. As there is great diversity in the surface of the park itself, there is also great diversity of marine fauna on the below surface, making snorkeling more attractive, or -if you have license- diving to admire the underwater reefs.


3. Zip Lines!

Image credits: http://ecoexplorer.rezgo.com/details/92837/CANOPY-VALLARTA-ZIP-LINES

Canopy tours in Puerto Vallarta offer a unique, ecological experience without equal. You will be able to hang yourself from a network of cables that crosses the whole tropical jungle, and feel that you fly at the treetops and other impressive landscapes. Visitors are equipped with harnesses tied to safety cables while they are on the heights. Canopy tours have become popular in Puerto Vallarta, specially among tourists.


4. Magical towns

Image credits: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0e/2631931.jpg

They’ are small cities full of stories and icons. Nowadays they represent a great opportunity for the tourist to visit and live a more classic Mexico. Near Puerto Vallarta, there are 4 magical towns that offer their magic to those who visit them:

  • San Sebastián del Oeste: It has a mining roots. This magical town is full of history in its streets, buildings and people.
  • Mascota: The place offers to ecotourism and adventure fans a mountain circuit.You’ll also find artesanal products, such as cheese, fruits pulp, sausage and sweets.
  • Talpa de Allende: It is a religious town surrounded by mountains and hills. Life and tourism turn around to their deity “La Virgen de Talpa” (Talpa Virgin). The best of Talpa definitely are its artesanal products and its typical food.
  • Sayulita: A community with an attractive atmosphere and a more dynamic tourism comparing to the previous towns. It’s loved by adults and juniors!
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