Puerto Vallarta in family: activities to do and places to visit

Family vacation in Puerto Vallarta
Is your vacation in Puerto Vallarta in family coming soon and don’t you know where to start?
The warm city of Puerto Vallarta offers different options for all tastes and ages; and in this case, there is much ahead and is carried out in the company of the youngest members of the family.

1. Shopping malls

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To spend Puerto Vallarta as a family you can visit any of the shopping centers, where you can find arcade rooms, inflatables, cinemas with movies for children, kids clubs, and in this month, day of the child festivals.

2. Beaches

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Make the most of the beaches; fly kites, make sandcastles, draw in the sand, take pictures of everything, drink frozen water coconout, count the seconds for the sunset, ride on horseback. Be a child again with your children.

3. Water parks

Image credits: Aquaventuras

Puerto Vallarta in family experience would not be the same without the adrenaline of water slides, the calm of the slow rivers, the joy of animal shows, or just enjoy a delicious snack while you spend a refreshing day.

4. Water sports

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Practicar snorkel, surf con boogie boards o paddle board son sin duda actividades que no se pueden perder al visitar Puerto Vallarta en familia.

5. Ecotourism

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There’s nothing better than enjoying Puerto Vallarta in family in harmony with nature; turtles release season in Puerto Vallarta is in July (summer), while in November the whales arrive. You can also walk to the viewpoint of La Cruz and enjoy a wide panorama of the bay.

6. Activities on la Isla Cuale

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Isla Cuale has become the center of cultural activities in the port by offering painting and drawing exhibitions, theater and music presentations, festivals and much more throughout the year.

7. Discovering flea markets

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There are places that complement your Puerto Vallarta in family experience; in the market in Marina Vallarta and the Lázaro Cárdenas park (Olas Altas) you will find not only food, but also crafts, souvenirs, paintings, photographs, even animals to adopt!

8. Malecon shows

Image credits: Julien Levean

When visiting Puerto Vallarta in family it is essential to spend an afternoon at the open-air theater on the malecon; it is always filled with laughs and fun, there are clowns, magic and music shows.

9. Marigalante pirate ship

Image credits: price travel magazine

To end your visit, you can venture on the Marigalante pirate ship. The little ones will be happy to take a picture with a pirate.

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