5 things you did not know about the city of Puerto Vallarta


When we travel to a new place we also can learn about it; Puerto Vallarta is a great destination, with unique history and culture. We share you you 5 things you did not know about the city:


5 – First centenary

The first on our list of things you did not know about Puerto Vallarta is that the city has existed just 100 years under that name; May 31, 2018 will be the centenary. Previously it was called Puerto las Peñas, but it was changed when the city got it city status and also in honor of Jalisco governor from 1971 to 1985: Ignacio L. Vallarta.

4 – Beyond the iguanas

The mountains that surround Puerto Vallarta are home to animals such as the coati, badger, wild boar, deer and even small tigers, which are not seen frequently.


Image credits: Noticias Puerto Vallarta

3 – Lovers bridge

Actors Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor along with director John Houston gave Puerto Vallarta international fame. The three of them liked the port so much that they bought houses. The romantic part is that Burton gave Taylor a house that was connected to his house by a bridge, as a gift for his 32nd birthday. Does this add to the things you did not know about Vallarta?


Image credits: TheStar.com

2 – «Zarandeado» fish

Another thing you did not know is the typical dish of Puerto Vallarta; A fish is roasted between two grills using wood fire instead of gas. There are many variations of the recipes but it is cooked usually with sauce, garlic, pepper, sauces and mayonnaise are used and it is accompanied with vegetables.


Image credits: Recetas de cocina conmigo

1 – Twin statue of the boy and the seahorse

If you walk along the boardwalk that passes through the Lazaro Cardenas park, or the Cristals park, until you reach the rock formations at Las Pilitas beach, there is this twin statue.


Image credits: EntreRiosFluvialVallarta.com

In fact, the «twin» statue is the original one, since it was placed there in 1968 and the one in the malecon was placed until 1976. The statue of the malecon is more famous thanks to its location. The sculptor is Rafael Zamarripa Castañeda.

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