Adventure tourism in Puerto Vallarta, You'll love it for sure!

Adventures in Puerto Vallarta

Taking photos on the Malecon is a past thing… Try Adventure Tourism in Puerto Vallarta! This beautiful city has many experiences to discover, among which feeling that you are alive is a unique experience.

On the next list you will find adventure activities to do in your next Puerto Vallarta trip; we ranked them with 1,2 or 3 smiley faces according to the adrenaline level you can experience.

– Skydiving 😀😀😀

Watch the city while falling from the sky! Do not worry about it, skydiving expertste will jump with you and be at your side everytime. The cost depends on the company you choose; usually it is cheaper when you go with a  group of friends.

Image credits: Pixabay

– Canopy 😀😀

It is an activity that everyone should do once in their life. It is not as extreme as skydiving but it certainly speeds your heart when you fly among the ziplines. The costs, again, depends on the company. There are some that offer canopy packages, food and other activity such as motorcycles riding; while there are others that only offer canopy.

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– Diving in Los Arcos 😀

A must aquatic activity in Puerto Vallarta. Spending a the day observing marine life is a breathtaking adventure. The adventure consists in exposing oneself to the great rock formations of Los Arcos and feeling small at their side. We recommend search for the company that you like the most.

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– Flyboard 😀😀😀

Thanks to a hose that throws water at high pressure, You can fly on water! It is an unique and very safe activity. You have to wear a helmet and life jacket (although you know how to swim) and you are always close to the beach.

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– Motorcycles😀😀

Once you have decided the company to venture on motorcycles, we guarantee you that it is an activity that you will not regret. They are semi-extreme terrain paths where you might jump more than once. The use of the helmet and other protections is mandatory.

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– Trekking on Palo María river 😀

Finally, we recommend walking along the Palo Maria river where you will test put your legs: you have to walk about 40 minutes to reach the first waterfall. To visit the rest of the waterfalls you have to climb the jungle, and it becomes difficult for amateur people; We recommend to go accompanied. It is a friendly activity with the planet and also free.

Image credits: VallartaNayarit On Twitter

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