Take a look at the past of the city of Puerto Vallarta

In commemoration of the of Puerto Vallarta 100 years, we created a summary of this beautiful city:


1918 – Puerto las Peñas officially receives the name of Puerto Vallarta, honoring the president of Jalisco (from 1872 to 1876) Ignacio Vallarta.

1923 – The Montgomery company is established in the port; It supports the economy by generating jobs and the quality of local life by building drains, houses and drinking water systems.

1929 – The ejido of Puerto Vallarta is created.

1936 – Another 14 municipal ejidos are created. The ejidos support the growth of the city by founding schools, pantheons, donating land, among other things.

1939 – 1945 – Puerto Vallarta participates in the World War II by producing raw materials to export, such as lizard skins and oils.

1950’s – The tourist identity of Puerto Vallarta is created and promoted thanks to the efforts of the President of Mexico Adolfo Ruiz Cortines and Agustín Yañez Delgadillo, President of Jalisco.

1956 – The beginnings of the road Puerto Vallarta-Mascota and the Puerto Vallarta airport are created by President Agustín Yañez Delgadillo.

1958 – Agustín Yañez establishes a plant to generate electricity on the coast.

1962 – The Puerto Vallarta airport is officially inaugurated and the regional infrastructure is advanced. Creation of roads and bridges, connection to the Electricity System of the West, construction of the maritime terminal and expansion and internationalization of the airport.

1963 – The film that promoted the port internationally is filmed: The Night of the Iguana. More and better hotels and different businesses are built.

1990’s – The first universities in Puerto Vallarta are built; Arkos University (1991), UNIVA (1991) and University of Guadalajara in the Coast. (1994).

News – The city and its economy grow day by day thanks to tourism.

Now that the centenary of the city is approaching, it is the right time to reflect and know a more about Puerto Vallarta since its days as Puerto las Peñas.




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