Ecotourism activities in the beatiful city of Puerto Vallarta
Ecofriendly activities in Puerto Vallarta

Ecotourism activities in Puerto Vallarta

Ecotourism activities are those that you can practice without harming nature. Its goal is to discover, take care and promote the natural spaces of a destination.

And Puerto Vallarta offers a wide variety of these activities, whose popularity increases among tourists thanks to its goal of contribution and care of the environment.

Going to the beach in Puerto Vallarta is perhaps one of the most popular ecotourism activities, since you can have fun or relax for hours in exchange for just keeping the beach clean. In Puerto Vallarta there are beaches for all tastes, from those with restaurants and family activities to exclusive ones that are only accessible by boat.

Take advantage of the incredible views and blue sea of ​​Puerto Vallarta to practice diving, paddleboarding, kayaking and surfing, which are aquatic ecotourism activities par excellence.

Hiking is another of the ecotourism activities where you can get in touch with the nature of Puerto Vallarta since you are completely surrounded by it. Travel through the wooded and jungle areas. There are trails that even take you to viewpoints and beaches, such as the one that goes to the La Cruz viewpoint and the one that goes to the Colomitos beach and the Palo María waterfall.

In the case of water activities and hiking, we recommend you to be accompanied, especially if you are a person with little experience.




If you want to leave the traditional beach and look for something more extreme than hiking, we recommend zip lines (canopy). It is an activity where you feel that you fly! And you can done it through an agency. The use of safety helmet and harnesses is mandatory all the time.

You can also enjoy ecotourism activities with animals. From observing birds in the botanical garden and humpback whales in the sea, to free turtles in various areas of the port.


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