Water sports to practice in the coast of Puerto Vallarta

water sports in Puerto Vallarta

Some of the activities you can do during your stay in the city are water sports, and Puerto Vallarta offers a great number beyond surfing and diving.

We share a list of water sports that may be of interest to you:

– Windsurfing: Consists of sliding on the water with a sail anchored to a board. We recommend checking the tides in advance and not leaving the coast more than a mile.

Water sports in Puerto Vallarta – Windsurf


– Aquatic parachute: You are pulled by the impulse of a boat and raised to great heights with a parachute. You can appreciate the beautiful coast of Puerto Vallarta and take beautiful photos from the top. It is also known as paravelism.

Water sports in Puerto Vallarta – Paravelism


– Diving: One of the water sports par excellence that you can practice throughout the year in Puerto Vallarta. Look closely at fish, dolphins, manta rays (in season) and many other beauties.

Sports to practice in Puerto Vallarta


– Kayaking: One of the water sports that has gained popularity in recent years; it consists of standing on a boat similar to a canoe, and moving in the water with an oar. You can practice it even in many hotels especially at the all inclusive.


– Surf: You do not need to be an expert to enjoy it. You just have to balance yourself on a board similar to the kayak and go through the waves. In Puerto Vallarta there is a great variety of beaches with warm water most of the year for surfing. You can practice it at Friendly Vallarta.

Surf in Puerto Vallarta


– Kitesurfing: It is a really good mix of adrenaline and emotion, where you slide through the water propelled by a parachute, while you are secured by a harness. The best thing about kitesurfing is fun in the company of family or friends. It is probably a water sports that you will want to experience more than once in a lifetime.

Water sports in Puerto Vallarta – Kitesurf


If you are interested in adventure sports and other activities to practice in Puerto Vallarta, click here.

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