Main areas of interest to visit in the city of Puerto Vallarta

Main areas in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a small city in size but big in nuances; in it there are areas that have a lot to offer. From beaches, cinemas, banks, restaurants, hotels, clubs to shopping centers and much more.

We divide the city into 4 main areas of interest:

1. Suppliers area. Entering from the north (Nayarit) this area is characterized by its stores of construction materials. You can also find food businesses, design, banks, corporate offices and the Puerto Vallarta International Airport.


2. Marina Vallarta and Galerias Vallarta. This second area is made up of the Marina Vallarta shopping plaza, the Marina residential area and the Galerías shopping plaza. You can find a wide variety of businesses throughout these areas; from restaurants, ice cream parlors, furniture stores to jewelers, gas stations and more. In front of the Plaza Galerias is the port where large vessels are received, like international cruises, while the small ones are received at the port of Marina Vallarta.


3. North Hotel Zone. It is made up of renowned hotels, among which is Friendly Vallarta, the commercial plazas of Peninsula and Caracol, the zone of Las Glorias and the municipal stadium. It is a very busy area during the day with a large number of activities and places to visit.


4. Downtown of Puerto Vallarta. It is the most popular area of the city where the famous sculptures of the seahorse, the man eating glass bottles, the staircase to heaven and the letters of Puerto Vallarta (malecon). It is also made up of the municipal presidency and its park, the Isla Cuale, site where cultural events are presented, and the romantic zone, where there are dozens of restaurants, souvenir shops, convenience stores, and festivals.


The rest of the city of Puerto Vallarta are areas where locals live quietly and there are no tourist attractions. If you are interested in learning more about what to do in Puerto Vallarta, click here.


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