Cuale island in Puerto Vallarta: place of activities and culture

Isla Cuale is surrounded by two rivers that descend from the Madre Occidental mountain range and flow into Bahía de Banderas. In the 60’s, the island of Cuale was an area where local residents lived in simple houses or palapas, until in 1971 Hurricane Lily caused an overflow of the rivers and forced the locals to leave the island.

It is also known by the people of Vallarta as the island of children, since in the 70’s it was a very popular recreation space for children, after being rebuilt by the same people after Hurricane Lily. During that time the island was the place where the people of Vallarta spent a pleasant afternoon as a big family; children ran, dads fished, and mothers washed in the river. Since then, the island of Cuale has been characterized as an oasis of activities and culture at the time of being an important part of the history of Puerto Vallarta.

The Cuale island is one of the oldest places in Puerto Vallarta that seems to have stopped in time.

In the present days on the island workshops are offered; such as painting, drawing, photography, music, guitar, sculpture and many more for the public. There are performances of theater, music and various festivals throughout the year.

You will find Cuale Island, a beautiful tile bridge that goes up to one of the traditional streets of Puerto Vallarta, in the «Gringo Gulch» zone (residential area where artists, filmmakers and foreigners have lived), and from where you can appreciate better the island and its surroundings.


You can also find the statue in honor of the man who changed the destiny of Puerto Vallarta: John Houston; various restaurants from what was the island of children to the area where rivers flow into the sea; a museum and craft shops.

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