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Having a nice day at the beach is perhaps the first on the list of things to do on your vacation to Puerto Vallarta.

Conchas Chinas beach is located in the beautiful Banderas Bay. It is part of the Puerto Vallarta, and is one of the most popular beaches for its beauty, cleanliness and accessibility.
The sea water in Conchas Chinas is crystal clear, with a turquoise color on the shore and deep blue at the sea; the sand is fine and the access road is firm and easy to follow.

It is located just 10 minutes drive from the romantic zone of Puerto Vallarta. You can get to Conchas Chinas beach in:

  1. Private car. You have to take the coast road to Barra de Navidad (south of Puerto Vallarta).
  2. Yellow taxi or Uber.
  3. Urban bus (orange) to Boca de Tomatlan. You have to take it in the Basilio Badillo Street crossing with Constitution Street in Olas Altas.We do not recommend arriving by boat, pangas or any other water transport since the beach is surrounded by large rock formations that could damage the transport.

There are 2 great characteristics of the Conchas Chinas beach; The first is the rocks that we mentioned earlier. Many of them form small and beautiful natural pools or “pilitas” where you can get. And the second is the amount of shells you can find, thanks to which it was given the name of Conchas Chinas.

Like most beaches in Puerto Vallarta, Conchas Chinas is an ideal beach to spend with friends, family or couple thanks to its calm tide. The favorite activities of the visitors are to take photographs, eat snacks, play volleyball, watch the sunset, observe the marine fauna and of course enjoy the sea.

We hope you can visit this beautiful site or any other of the beaches of Puerto Vallarta.

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