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Make the most of your vacation and discover the places where you can run in the city.

Running through the streets and other places in Puerto Vallarta is an excellent way to get to know the city; Below we share our favorite sites:

Pitillal river. It is a very popular space among people who love this activity. You will find that at the western end of the riverbank flows the Pitillal River, just between the Peninsula Plaza and the Island. The other end of the corridor is a park, visited by people who like to play sports, walk their dogs or just have a nice afternoon . It is a path to travel in approximately 30 minutes, and where you will be in direct contact with nature so we recommend carrying insect repellent and plenty of water to drink.


Fluvial Vallarta. It is an ideal colony to run as there are many routes options, little traffic on the streets (we recommend taking precautions in the avenues) and parks to rest.


Municipal Sports Center. It is one of the best places to run in Puerto Vallarta. In the evening it becomes full of life; There are dozens of people practicing different activities. They recently remodeled the runway, so we highly recommend you take a tour of this space.


Malecon. Finally, we have one of the most beautiful places to run. You have the sea in front of you, many places to rest and buy to a drink. We recommend practicing this activity in the mornings so that you can keep your pace when there are not so many people. The average time to run all around the malecon is about


Als, in Puerto Vallarta marathons are organized on a regular basis with different objectives, where lately locals and tourists have shown great interest in participating. If you are interested in participating in a marathon, we recommend visiting this link to be aware of upcoming events in Puerto Vallarta.

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