Mangrove El Salado: a natural oasis in Puerto Vallarta city

El Salado mangrove

When you are in Puerto Vallarta it is important to know the most representative places in the city, such as the Malecon and the Romantic Zone. What many visitors do not know is that within Puerto Vallarta there is an oasis for the environment: the mangrove El Salado.

The El Salado is a protected natural area of ​​mangroves and marshes, in the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta. It extends along 168x96x50 hectares, in which you can find a river, 2 kilometers long by 3 deep, that flows into the harbor bay of Vallarta. El Salado is protected because it is a unique area (it is an urban mangrove) that houses hundreds of animals and plants important to the ecosystem. These animals and plants fulfill the cycle of life in the El Salado, the mangrove as a whole helps maintain stable temperatures in Puerto Vallarta while contributing to the development of diverse fish species that promotes abundant fishing activity in the city. El Salado, estero What is the best part of the El Salado mangrove? That there are guided tours by expert biologists, where you can be in direct contact with nature. In the visits (or tours) you will find river crocodiles, boas, garrobos, iguanas, raccoons, opossums, variety of crabs and birds as well as mangrove trees and plants. Exploring the estuary is a different activity in Puerto Vallarta; It is an opportunity to educate, entertain and create awareness in visitors. It is a narrated boat ride along the river, where you will have the opportunity to see the species mentioned, walk to a lookout that offers a unique view and see crocodile offspring in front. The biologist guides will inform you during the whole journey about life in the estuary and how to take care of it. Cocodrilo de río, estero El Salado For information on visits, activities and costs, click here.  

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