Take photos in amazing places that are on Puerto Vallarta

Taking pictures is one of everyone’s favorite activities in every trip. Whether to share with family or friends, take photos is an excellent way to treasure the best moments of your trip for a long time.


In Puerto Vallarta there are very popular places where we can take photos that represent our trip to the city; However, there are spaces that are not as well known -such as the malecon or the arches- but that have their own essence that contributes to the diversity that exists in this port.


We share below a list of incredible places to take pictures that you probably did not know.


1. Bridge to the Gringo Gulch area:

It is a beautiful bridge that connects the island of Cuale with the area on the island known popularly as Gringo Gulch since it is a place where celebrities have acquired properties. The view offered by the bridge and the funds to take photographs are exceptional.


2. Botanical Garden Chapel

The Botanical Garden is 35 minutes from Olas Altas, Puerto Vallarta. It is a spectacular place to spend the day knowing plants and enjoying nature. Discover more about the Botanical Garden in this link.


3. Typical houses at Olas Altas :

These are doors decorated in the traditional style of an hacienda (something like a fancy farm) that resemble an actual house, whose colorful walls will take your breath away, and also is a lovely place where you can take photos.


4. Alleys of the downtown area:

An adventure that you should not miss is to take photos through the streets of the downtown area in the direction of the hill, since it is one of the areas of the city that best preserves the representative style of Puerto Vallarta.


5. La Cruz viewpoint:

It is a must visit in your vacation to Puerto Vallarta, which offers a view like no other to take photos and spend a moment of relaxation.


6. Palo Maria River:

It takes time to get to this beautiful place, but it is definitely worth hiking up the jungle, as the place is an oasis to rest and take photos.


7. Lazaro Cardenas park:

Finally, we have the Lazaro Cardenas park, which is currently being renovated with colorful tiles that form particular images. It is a very nice and easily accessible place; you can get ther by walking along the malecon.

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