Independence of Mexico: celebrating in Puerto Vallarta city

Independence of Mexico

This year we celebrate on September 16 with pride, parties, parades and lots of food the anniversary of the independence of Mexico. It is an event that gave an important impact in the history of the country.


First of all, September 15 is the beginning of the war of independence of Mexico and this year 2018 is celebrated the anniversary number 208. The independence of Mexico began the year of 1810: the precursors of this movement, tired of more than 300 years of subjugation of Spain, they took up arms on the night of September 15 of that year to start the war. On the 16th of 1810 they left to fight, from what is now the state of Hidalgo, towards Mexico City.

It was until September 27, in 1821, that the war of independence ended to create a new country, free of the government of the Spanish people.


Mexicans celebrate the patriotic days as we know best: in a big way. In Puerto Vallarta there is the traditional «grito de Dolores», where the municipal president in charge briefly recreates the speech that Miguel Hidalgo gave to his people at that time. The night in the port is illuminated with fireworks, and is accompanied by regional Mexican music and food, which can not be missed. You will find that in many corners of the city, typical Mexican food known as «antojitos» is sold, from the main squares to the smallest stores, especially on this date.

At Friendly Vallarta we celebrate the independence of Mexico with a special dinner and show for our guests.

In case you were wondering, «5 de Mayo» is another patriotic day, where is celebrated that the Mexican army won against French army. It happened years after thebeginning of the war of independence in May 5, 1862.


Besides being another reason to celebrate, the day of independence in Mexico is an opportunity to value our culture, traditions and roots as well as to reflect on the future of our beautiful country.

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