Los arcos of Puerto Vallarta city: a wonder of nature to see

Los arcos national park - Puerto Vallarta

Los arcos of Puerto Vallarta are rocky islands that protrude from the sea, and have been considered as a marine national park for 34 years.

Previously, los arcos were known as «Las Peñas», which was a reference to the dozens of spaces between land and sea of ​​the bay: the crags. At this national park you will find reefs, tunnels and caves; which makes it an ideal place for marine species and some birds (such as pelicans, boobies, herons, frigate birds and green parrots) to breed and feed.

Thanks to their particular form and concentration of fauna, they are an attraction to practice water sports, such as snorkeling and paddle boarding, or simply to admire. If your thing is not the aquatic recreational activities there is a viewpoint right in front of the arches where you can park your car and spend a quiet time alone or in company.

Los arcos, actually, are closer to the town of Mismaloya than to Puerto Vallarta:

There are several ways to reach los arcos:

  1. From the maritime terminal of Puerto Vallarta or Marina Vallarta. There are boats of various sizes and prices; Tickets from this point are usually inclusive, in addition to transportation, food and water activities equipment (viewers, canoes, oars …). We recommend comparing options before answering.
  2. From the wharf of Puerto Vallarta. Take the water taxi to the arches; Ten in mind that from this point is very expensive and only includes transportation.
  3. From the beach of Mismaloya. Los arcos are in front of this beach, so the cost of the water taxi is much lower than from another point.


If you plan to visit the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta in the future, accept to make a space in your agenda to visit by sea or land this impressive creation of nature.

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