Asian food in Friendly Vallarta: eating at Akío Asian restaurant

Asian Food Vallarta-Akío Asian at Friendly Vallarta

At Friendly Vallarta we have specialty restaurants where you can enjoy a great gastronomic variety; We have an Asian food restaurant called Akío Asian.


Asian food is a type of cuisine that you can enjoy in any season of the year, since it has cold dishes and hot dishes; so it does not matter what date you are going to visit us, going to Akío Asian for lunch or dinner in Friendly will always be a good option.


Usually, the restaurant opens from 1:00 to 6:00 pm on different days of the week, and you do not need to make a reservation to eat there. It is a restaurant where kids and adults can enjoy a delicious dinner or meal. The exact days of the week Akio Asian opens are shared in our Friendly News; which is a (weekly) newsletter that we give to our guests so that they know the meal times, activities and upcoming shows.

Asian food - akío asian

You will find our corner of Asian food on the ground floor of the hotel; You can walk from the reception to the elevators to, finally, go to the corridor on the left that has the entrance to the restaurant. Upon your arrival, you will be explained the menu of the day, which consists in 3 times: appetizer, main dish and dessert. You will enjoy traditional dishes of Asian food such as miso soup (for the entrance), sushi, woks and yakimeshis (for main dishes) and ice cream of various flavors (for dessert). One of the favorite dishes among our guests is sushi, which we have in 8 different flavors. You can accompany your meal with typical drinks, such as calpico and green tea, or if you prefer to accompany your meal with soft drinks. If you would like to eat at Akío Asian, consider that this restaurant does not serve alcoholic beverages since it is a family restaurant.

Asian food - akío asian

Visiting Akío Asian during your vacation in Friendly Vallarta is a different experience, where you will surely find a new favorite dish to enjoy.

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