Release turtles at Friendly Vallarta: an unique experience.

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Release turtles is an unique activity, popular among tourists and locals, because you have the opportunity to support the care of the ecosystem.

The turtles that visit Bahía de Banderas are known as olive ridleys or Pacific ridley turtle; They can put around 40 to 100 eggs in a nest. Turtles that spawn bury their eggs under the surface to prevent predators from eating them, and also that turtle hatchlings in can develop. The turtles that will be born from this nest develop in approximately 45 days and, unfortunately, of those eggs less than 3 will become adult turtles. The goal of helping to release turtles is clear: to raise awareness among people of all ages about the importance of species conservation.

liberar tortugas en Friendly Vallarta

Each year Bahía de Banderas receives hundreds of olive ridley turtles; due to this the authorities have been in charge of the execution of programs for protection and care of them (and other species) for some time.

Be part of this activity when visiting Friendly Vallarta; From this month of October until January you can help to free turtles. The exact days and times are announced in our weekly newsletter called Friendly News, but usually in Friendly Vallarta we release turtles when the sun goes down. It is worth mentioning that releasing turtles is an activity that began around June in different parts of the bay.

It is important that you follow the instructions of the trained people when participating in the survival of the turtles; For example, you must have clean hands (no blocker, repellent, disinfectant nor other lotions), you must avoid hurting the turtle and you must wait until you are told that you can free the turtles (at the same time as all the others).

liberar tortugas en Friendly Vallarta

Come and be part of this wonderful experience with your family at Friendly Vallarta!


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