Friendly Vallarta for the environment: Ecofriendly Activities

In Friendly Vallarta one of the activities that we like to do the most is environment caring; from everyday tasks, such as separating garbage and saving energy, to complete awareness programs about this, like releasing turtles are our ecofriendly activities.

It is important for us to doing these ecofriendly activities, as this way we maintain the beauty of Friendly Vallarta and avoid polluting too much. You can find the following ecofriendly activities in Puerto Vallarta friendliest hotel:

  • We separate garbage into organic and inorganic.
    A percentage of the organic waste is taken to a pig-raising farm and another percentage is taken to the municipal landfill. Inorganic waste on the other hand is recycled; Plastics, glass and cardboard in different quantities are delivered to the corresponding authorities for proper handling. Due to remodeling at Friendly Vallarta, debris and other construction materials are also channeled to landfills, which are municipal property.


  • We reduce our garbage production.
    One of the ecofriendly activities of  everday. We do not use straws, their useful life is just 20 minutes and they take more than 200 years to disintegrate. We avoid as much as we can the use of isposable plates, glasses, cutlery and napkins. We only deliver one bottle of water per room, since you can fill it in any of our restaurants.


  • We use recycled paper to print our weekly newsletter called Friendly News. In which we also talk about ecofriendly activities.


  • We save electricity.
    We implemented a system of electric energy saving in our main pool; the air conditioning energy is reused, which helps maintain a comfortable temperature in the pool.


  • We save gas.
    Thanks to the fact that we avoid heating the water in the pool, we do not consume gas. We implement tools (an exchanger) that allow us to maintain the temperature of the water with which we preheat the water with techniques that reduce the use of gas, thus benefiting the atmosphere.


  • We save water.
    We are aware of the importance of taking care of water. In our cooling towers we use water from the purges to irrigate our beaches, including the volleyball court, and in the collaborators’ bathrooms we implement reused water to reduce water consumption. Our gardens are also part of this water saving program.


  • We promote sports with non-motorized water activities, such as kayaking, boogie boarding and surfing.


  • We promote awareness of the care of the olive ridley turtle through the release of offspring, a 100% family activity that has a positive impact on its participants.


  • We clean our beach in depth at least 1 time a week thanks to the participation of our collaborators. Cigarette butts, garbage of palms, plastic caps among other things are collected. Thanks to this, and more, Friendly Vallarta proudly managed to meet the requirements to obtain clean beach certification.

What was the activity that you liked the most? We hope that during your visit to Friendly Vallarta you can participate in an ecofriendly activity.

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