Festival Gourmet International XXIV: unique culinary experience in Puerto Vallarta

Festival Gourmet Internacional - Puerto Vallarta



The International Gourmet Festival is a unique culinary experience in Puerto Vallarta that brings together great national and international chefs for just over a week.


It seeks to boost and raise the culinary level of the region while promoting tourism in Puerto Vallarta. The gourmet festival is also a great example of «Mexican hospitality and the best experience that gourmet cuisine in the world can have.»


The culinary tradition of the festival is simple: each local restaurant invites a renowned chef to delight the attendees. The chefs come to deliver the best year after year in this wonderful event, and we are sure that this edition will not be the exception.


This 2018, the gourmet festival is an event that starts on November 23 and ends on December 2. Over ten days there will be unique events to surprise your senses, such as brunch with the catch of the day, cooking classes, culinary forums, presentation about the world of chocolate and much more.


Thanks to the growth of the bay, the festival has expanded to Riviera Nayarit; This year, twenty-eight participating hotels and restaurants of the highest category. «To date, more than half a million gourmet fans and almost six hundred celebrity chefs have been consented …

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