The gastronomic variety in Puerto Vallarta: unique food to try


Your vacation is approaching and you have already planned the things to do in Puerto Vallarta; a walk along the malecon, visit the best beaches and a tour of the region… But you still do not plan the best part; the food.


Puerto Vallarta is a multifaceted city, internationally recognized not only for its beaches and hospitality but also for the wide range of food you can enjoy. From traditional Mexican food and classic seafood to the best dishes of international cuisine and exquisite gourmet cuisine. These food styles are perfect to enjoy among family, friends and couples; since, no matter which one you choose, you will end up falling in love with its seasoning and quality … The chefs and the locals know how to take advantage of the ingredients of the region.


In the typical food of Puerto Vallarta you will find that fish and seafood are used as the main ingredient. We have dried ceviche, smoked marlin, shrimp or «embarazado» («pregnant») fish, «zarandeado» (grilled) fish and various aguachiles. As for drinks, tuba, tejuino, tequila and local craft beer are very representative.


One of the best places to eat Mexican dishes at a good price, is going to the Municipal Market; which is right on the banks of the Cuale River … Favorite dishes are roasted onions, mole, stuffed chiles, seafood, fish and seasonal «fruit water».


On the other hand, if you prefer to delight your palate with the haute cuisine of the port, you can do so through important gastronomic events, such as Restaurant Week and the International Gourmet Festival. This last one takes place this November and there are 28 renowned restaurants that participate together to offer you a unique culinary experience in the port.

If you are interested in learning more about the food of some restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, click here.

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