Yelapa: a beautiful paradise near the city of Puerto Vallarta

Yelapa is one of the towns near Friendly Vallarta that you can visit to while visiting the port.

Yelapa is a place without equal; It is a typical coastal town, where you can spend the day without any worry, either in the company of your friends, family or adventure alone.


There is a road that reaches Yelapa, where trucks that transport heavy materials, such as construction materials, transit. We recommend taking the seaway because it is faster. It is easier to get there by boat as there are several starting points from Puerto Vallarta and even Boca de Tomatlan. The cost depends on where you take the boat (distance). You can visit this page to see timetables and starting points.



Once in Yelapa, you have many options to enjoy; Try the typical dishes of the region, which are seafood, or if you prefer delicious grilled meats. Refreshing drinks can not be left behind, your favorite cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages such as pineapples and lemonades are prepared at the moment. In Yelapa, do not forget to try their famous feet (there are different flavors) and spend a pleasant time talking with the local people, they are kind people who like to tell tourists about their home.


The essential activities in your visit to Yelapa are swimming – of course – in its beautiful waters, feeling the white sand of its beaches between your feet, and sleeping in a hammock facing the sea. If yours are the most exciting activities, you can take a horse ride on the beach, practice kayaking or visit the Yelapa waterfall, all while you are in direct contact with the nature of this beautiful place.


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