Restaurants of Friendly Vallarta: diverse options to eat in your vacation

Restaurants of Friendly

At Friendly Vallarta we have several restaurants for you, so you can enjoy a wide range of options during your days of relaxation on the beach.


You can find from the traditional tacos of stews, the exquisite buffet, international Asian food to dishes of Mexican specialty and, soon, signature dishes. Staying at an all-inclusive hotel is a great opportunity for food lovers; and in Friendly Vallarta thanks to the variety of restaurants we have, you will not feel like leaving the building.


We list below our restaurants, and the type of cuisine you can try in each one:


– El palmar. Delight in our international buffet, a variety of flavors in this restaurant facing the sea. El Palmar can be open for your breakfast, lunch or dinner (check the hours of the week in your Friendly News).


– Azul. A culinary journey awaits you at the Azul restaurant. Authentic signature cuisine, wines and exquisite cocktails in a minimalist atmosphere await you very soon at Friendly Vallarta.


– Fiesta. Enjoy delicious tacos, handmade tortillas and a wide variety of sauces made with the best selection of local products.


– Villalinda. Located in front of the pool area, Villalinda Restaurant offers an international buffet at a convenient time so you never miss the best cuisine in Puerto Vallarta.


– Frida. A Mexican restaurant in honor of the great painter Frida Kahlo. A great variety of dishes with the flavors, colors and aromas of Mexico.


Akio Asian. Traditional Asian dishes, including sushi; Works Chinese style and Thai entrees, with all the flavor of Asian cultures. Asian food is a type of cuisine that you can enjoy in any season of the year, since it has cold dishes and hot dishes; so it does not matter what date you visit us, going to lunch or dinner at Akío Asian in Friendly will always be a good option.


– Friendly Coffee. Cafeteria in the lobby area where you can find a wide variety of your favorite drinks (cappuccino, American and more) accompanied by delicious sweet bread, cakes and cookies from home.


– Snacks. We have 3 delicious options to satisfy a craving quickly: Burguers and hotdogs, gelato (ice cream) and pizzas.


We publish the schedules of each restaurant in our Friendly News; which is a weekly bulletin that we give to the guests when they register, so that they also know the meal times and the activities and upcoming shows.

We are sure that at Friendly Vallarta you will find a new dish or favorite drink in one of our restaurants.

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