Adventures in Puerto Vallarta: Whale Watching in your vacation

whale watching

Whale watching is one of the many fantastic activities you can experience in Puerto Vallarta to get in touch with nature.

Puerto Vallarta is a privileged bay: Banderas Bay, where year after year the majestic humpback whales visit us in search of warm waters and a nice environment to reproduce.

Seeing whales emerging to the surface to breathe and jump majestically is a spectacle without equal. If you are lucky, you can witness this from the comfort of your balcony in Friendly Vallarta or from our beach.

If you prefer to live the experience of whale watching in their natural habitat swimming next to you, and have the opportunity to take incredible photos, there are different tours to which you can take. At Friendly Vallarta we have a tour agency that will help you find the tour you like most towhale watching.

The tour crew is trained to guide you in this adventure; they will explain the behavior of the whales and will inform about other animals of the region, which you can also see, such as dolphins and stingrays. The route and what the tour includes depends on the company, one of the most popular is the whale watching tour departing from Marina Vallarta. In fact, the entrance to this area of ​​Puerto Vallarta is a majestic statue of a humpback whale with its small calf.

The whales arrive from December to the port and will be here until approximately the month of March; so you still have a chance to see them. Our recommendation is to get sunscreen, comfortable clothes and waterproof cameras so you can enjoy the best experience to see whales.

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