March in Puerto Vallarta: receiving spring |

march in puerto vallarta

Spring in Puerto Vallarta begins during the month of March, and with it events to enjoy while vacationing.

The cold days begin to disappear in March, and locals and tourists are increasingly prepared to sunbathe on the beach or a pool. The temperature of the sea is quite comfortable but changing; If you like to bathe with cold water you should arrive early to the beach, otherwise you will find warm water until about half a day. Similarly, the days of March are ideal to enjoy strolling along the boardwalk without worrying too much about the sun or the cold sea breeze. While strolling on the boardwalk, we recommend that you try the tuba, which is a typical drink of the gastronomy of Puerto Vallarta.

March is a month where nature in Puerto Vallarta begins to flourish; the streets are filled with bright colors, the water of the sea shines with its blue color and even if you pay attention there are more birds flying and singing.

The atmosphere in the city begins to feel more cheerful with the spring of March; There is good atmosphere in restaurants, shopping centers, and more. Also, there are events that you can enjoy in the company of friends or family. We list them below:

  • Charro Championship.

March 1 to 4 | Charro’s arena. More information here.

  • International Film Festival in Puerto Vallarta.

March 11-22 | Various points of Puerto Vallarta. More information here.

  • Saint Patrick’s day

March 17 | Various downtown places.

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