Save when traveling to Puerto Vallarta: 4 ways to take care of your money


Being on vacation is something we all need to recharge energy, spend quality time with the family or just rest. When you go on vacation you can also save your money, if you know how to manage yourself. Therefore, if your next destination is Puerto Vallarta, we share you 5 ways to save when traveling that you should consider.

1. Hotels at the best price
It is recommended that to save money on all-inclusive hotels in Puerto Vallarta, book your room at least 3 months in advance. Thus it is more likely to find availability in the hotel of your choice and rates at not very high prices. You can save in the same way by booking your stay directly with the hotels; travel agencies and organizers usually charge a commission.

Staying in All Inclusive hotels is an excellent option when you have vacations of 3 or more days; You just have to worry about relaxing and enjoying the food. You will see that at the end of your stay it was the most convenient option, since the cost of each day would be the same.

On the other hand, if you do not have an exact date to make a reservation, you do not know when they will give you vacations or you will only stay for 3 days or less, you will save money on accommodations that are not all inclusive. You will have to search for restaurants according to your budget or even (if your accommodation allows it) you can buy pantry for cooking on those 2 or 3 days of vacation.


2. Popular food
One of the best things you can do to save when traveling to Puerto Vallarta is to eat as if you were not a tourist. Ask about popular places among locals to eat; You will be surprised to know that excellent bars, restaurants or food stalls are not found in downtown area.

However, if eating delicious seafood accompanied by a cold beer on the boardwalk is on your list of things to do, avoid going to restaurants on the boardwalk or in the romantic area every day. Of course it is excellent to eat while watching the sunset in an elegant restaurant, but if you are looking to save money, then save this visit for a special occasion. If restaurants and bars are too tentative for you, take a moment to rate your offers and compare them; So you can discover which bar / restaurant has the best promotions for you. Do not forget to check that the amount charged in the account matches what you consume.


3. Souvenirsto treasure
We know that it is inevitable to want to buy souvenirs from the places you visit for family, couples or friends. This does not mean that you cannot save on the details designed for them.

Memories refer to the icons of the place in question; In Puerto Vallarta you can buy souvenirs to treasure on Isla Cuale. It is one of the oldest places in Vallarta, which now serves as a craft market. The advantage of buying your souvenirs in Isla Cuale is that you can save by haggling the vendors or get wholesale discounts.

An alternative to the typical souvenirs of keychains and bracelets are candies. In Puerto Vallarta there are several Mexican regional candy stores, where you can find more than one option to give to your loved ones. In these stores you can find sweets from 15 mexican pesos.

If you are going to buy your souvenirs in shopping centers avoid buying the first thing you see in the windows. These products are usually the most expensive being the newest or seasonal. Just like you did with the restaurants on the boardwalk, compare prices between stores and look for offers.

In the other hand, it is also very important that you do not take shells or endemic animals as souvenirs; They are a vital part of the local ecosystem. In the case of animals, it may even illegal to take them with you.


4. Less is more
If you want to know more about Puerto Vallarta we recommend that you walk from one place of interest to another. In the downtown area it is not necessary to take a taxi or truck to get to know: walk along the boardwalk, watch the shows in the open-air theater, dance in the main square, see the Guadalupe church, walk between the streets that go to the hill , visit the viewpoint of the Cross, enter the art galleries and of course go to the beaches. All these activities are totally free. You can also attend the events organized by the Vallarta government.

Finally, you can save money by creating your own tours or routes of sites of interest. Agency tours are more expensive; The great advantage of doing your own tour is that you control the schedules and order of sites completely.

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